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McCoy Studio

While the visible reason for the name of this studio has now been lost to the recent improvements, we think it was worth it.  Our most popular rehearsal space has been enlarged twice since we first moved here: once to combine two rooms and create a squarer, more usable space, and now by demolishing two walls and moving them out further into our former reception area. 

What’s more, in this second enlargement, we’ve been able to resolve many of the issues of acoustic isolation between McCoy and its upstairs neighbour, the Sewing Room.

Equipped with a piano, McCoy measures 23ft x 26ft, has windows down two sides of the room, along with a direct access from/to the courtyard.  It will soon have its own kitchen area and toilet, too.

The floor is currently a product called "Soft Floor", which is a little like walking on a large, wood-grain-effect yoga mat! It is excellent for movement and floor work. There is still some experimentation happening on the floor front, however, so let us know if you have some specific needs.

McCoy can be built out with display panels / theatrical flats to create a range of configurations - previous builds have included gallery spaces, rooms-within-rooms, bars and screening theatres, amongst others. Have a look at the images to the right but, as ever, if in doubt then please talk to us about what might be possible!