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Hume Studio

This room is perhaps the main reason the Rag Factory exists - we simply fell in love with it when we first viewed the property.  And we're not the only ones to have fallen for the space's charms.  Used regularly for filming and photography shoots, it also serves for dance rehearsals, fashion shows and exhibitions.  It's also featured in more than a few music promos over the last couple of years, some of which can be seen on our YouTube channel.

The Hume Studio has recently been upgraded with a beech floor reclaimed from an old gymnasium - but not before we knocked down the wall separating the main room from the lobby cum storage area that was previously there, making it even larger.  The overall effect has been to reinforce the space's airy loft/warehouse atmosphere.

We've also had a clear-out from the small room directly above the studio, now known as the Garret Studio, which is accessed via the stairs you can see in the photos.  Garret is usable either for filming and photography in the usual way, or for use as a production office or make-up room by crews who need an oasis of calm away from the action of the main studio.

The Hume Studio measures 29ft x 80ft x 8.5ft (some heights higher into rooflight recesses), and the narrow pillars you can see in the photos are situated more or less down the centre line of the room (right angles and straight lines are non-existent in this building!) and spaced 14.5ft apart. Have a look at the floor plan linked on the right; as you'll see from the photos, the pillars don't pose a major problem to a wide range of users.

While the Hume Studio has lots of natural light, we do understand that some users of the space need to be able to control their own lighting conditions.  For this reason, we have blacks we can put over the rooflights, with advance notice.