Filming at The Rag Factory

Filming Locations 

The very first project to be filmed at the Rag Factory was a special feature for Newsnight, just a couple of months after we launched.  It was a nice boost to our confidence, and they very kindly left us the black fabric they had used to cover the rooflights in our Hume Studio, some of which is still in service today for precisely the same purpose.

Since then, we're rather more practiced at handling film crews of all varieties and their needs.  We've also had huge fun seeing what people do with the space: MTV's Bustamove turned our Hume Studio into a dance studio for their entire series; BBC's Culture Show has used the space as a backdrop not only for some of the most expensive chairs known to man, but also to create a private investigator's office for an interview with Elmore Leonard; Lil Chris and his crew took over our street and most of our site to create an 80s throwback home and nightclub; and Chris Sweeney has created cornfields and ponds and a zombie-infested basement in our Hume studio, as well as a New York roofscape just upstairs from Hume, for Stephanie Dosen, Ghost Frequency and the Kissaway Trail respectively.

We'd love to see what other ideas people can come up with, so do get in touch and we'll see if we can help.