Orchestra Rehearsals at The Rag Factory

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Orchestra Rehearsals

Orchestras are very welcome at the Rag Factory.  We have one space that will work for most orchestras, depending on time of day and type of music.

During the day, as a rule, our Hume Studio is good for full orchestras, although we may have to restrict what's going on in there if we already have, for example, a filming booking in the room next door.  Smaller chamber orchestras up to 16 people can be accommodated in our Sewing Room, so long as the cellists don't mind carrying their instruments up the stairs.

During the evening, we have to be conscious - and considerate - of our neighbours, although it is possible to use the Hume Studio if there won't be any seriously heavy percussion.  

We've had jazz orchestras, baroque orchestras and symphony orchestras (such as the London Irish Symphony Orchestra shown above) all rehearse here with no difficulty, so please feel free to get in touch.