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Band Rehearsals

We’re the first to apologise that we can’t yet take amplified bands: we truly are sorry, but we’re in a residential area and we can’t currently find a cost-effective way of sound-proofing that will allow us to take amplification. 

But this doesn’t mean we can’t take acoustic bands.  The biggest problem we have here is with drums.  

Acoustic bands, however, are very welcome.  You can even use drums so long as the drummer is using brushes.  You won’t be in a completely soundproof room, but you will have the advantage of windows, natural light when the season’s willing, and rather more space than the average music rehearsal room.

Evenings start from £20 for our smallest studio (good for 2/3 people) or £50/£60 for a medium sized room that can easily fit 10 of you.