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We’ve had a few parties at the Rag Factory – everything from a child’s birthday party to a 30th birthday party themed around a village fete, to a corporate party where each department performed a different stage act.  The key to success in all of these was advance planning and clear communication.

Our maximum capacity for a parties is in the low hundreds of people, and kicking out time for guests is midnight at the latest, out of consideration for our neighbours.  Acoustic music is very welcome, as are DJs subject to a sound check earlier in the day, but we cannot take amped bands, sadly, as we’re in a residential area.

For all parties, we ask that access be invitation only and that the organisers be responsible for policing access to their party and dealing with gatecrashers where necessary, hiring in a security firm if need be.  We have to be considerate to our neighbours, so the kind of party that should just be, say, 200 people but grows to 500 people because ‘a friend of a friend was going’ simply won’t work here: we will close things down if it’s getting out of hand.

If you wish to hold a ticketed event – for example, for a fundraiser – we will ask that you obtain the necessary Temporary Event Notice (TEN) from Tower Hamlets Borough Council.  Not only does this save any problems with Environmental Health Officers on the night, it also has the advantage of allowing you to sell alcohol legally at your party, so long as you have a licensee who is happy to be named on the TEN application, thus boosting your revenues for the evening.

Heavy-handed as the above may sound, it’s based on our experience since we set the Rag Factory up.  And our experience has shown that the rules work and make for a more enjoyable night for all.  If you’d like to talk about holding a party here, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk through the options with you.