Fundraising Events at The Rag Factory

Fundraising Evenings

The Rag Factory is regularly used as a venue for fundraising evenings - which is hardly surprising when you consider how many small theatre and film companies we get to know in the course of the year.  

Holding a fundraising evening at the Rag Factory can be a good way not only to get your hands on some money to further your project, but also to let more people know about the project and invite assistance of a more practical nature.

We don't mind what format your fundraiser takes: it can involve some live performances to give people a taster of what you're working on, it could be cabaret, it can be a cheese and wine evening... we don't mind, the key is that it works for you and your guests feel happy.

That said, we have to be responsible towards our neighbours, as we are in a residential area, so we cannot take massively-amplified bands (it's the drums that really cause problems, so we need to be able to talk sensibly with the musicians and agree a reasonable level), but we can take DJs, subject to a sound-check and volume limit being carried out before the event.

Because fundraisers are generally ticketed, we will ask that you obtain the necessary Temporary Event Notice (TEN) from Tower Hamlets Borough Council before the event.  Not only does this save any problems with Environmental Health Officers on the night, it also has the advantage of allowing you to sell alcohol legally at your party, so long as you have a licensee who is happy to be named on the TEN application, thus boosting your revenues for the evening.