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Filming Music Promos

We love to have people filming music videos here at the Rag Factory, as we love to see the way our spaces are transformed to suit the vision of the director and artists for different tracks.  If you’d like some inspiration from previous users of the space, http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRagFactory is where you can find some of the many promos that have been shot here.

The Rag Factory is best viewed as a blank canvas.  While we have a number of spaces here, some of which may need little or no alteration or dressing to create the right feel for the shoot, we also have larger studios in which you can build sets for a fraction of the price of some of the larger TV and film studios.  We also have an eclectic range of furniture and other items you can use to create your set: just send your art director down beforehand for a rummage through things and save your art budget for the items you really do need to buy in for the shoot.

Located just off Brick Lane, location catering is easy: either ask us to cater for you with home-cooked meals designed to satisfy without slowing you down and home-made cakes and biscuits to let your cast and crew know they’re appreciated, or take your pick of the local curry houses, bagel shops or, failing all else, pizza delivery places.