Corporate Filming at The Rag Factory

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Filming Corporate Videos

Need to shoot a corporate video, but having problems getting the client out of the City?  Just 10 minutes’ walk from Liverpool Street station, we’re nice and easy to get to, allowing your clients to nip out only for the time necessary, rather than trying to liberate an entire day in the diary.

What’s more, we have wireless broadband available in most studios, so they can be in easy contact with the office between takes.

In the time that we’ve been here, we’ve also built up a range of services that can help you with your shoot.  Whether you need quality catering to entice clients away from the office, or professional actors to take other roles in the film, we can help.  We also have a range of furniture and other props that might be handy, not least for helping make your budget go further.

Just get in touch and we'll take you through the options.