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Degree Shows and Major Exhibitions 

If it was inevitable that we would end up with a gallery on site, the day was bound to come when we would be asked whether we could host a degree show.  We’re very glad we said yes, because the result of that, UCCA Rochester’s ‘Stew’ was a fantastic exhibition that took over the entire site and challenged the way we look at our buildings, which is always fun! 

So we do now welcome degree shows, diary permitting.  Depending on how many people there are in the year and how many pieces each one is exhibiting, you may need our Apricot Gallery plus our Hume Studio, or you may need to take on additional rooms on site. A number of shows also take on our McCoy Studio for the Thursday of their opening so they can have a separate bar area.

Prices are negotiable according to how much space is required, and we would strongly recommend viewing the site either between 9 and 10am on any day or on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday after 6pm, as you’ll probably want to have a good look all over the place, and we can’t interrupt other users of the space for viewings.