Hello, and welcome to the Rag Factory!

The Rag Factory was set up in early 2006 to provide affordable space for people working in the creative industries, whether performance-based, such as theatre, film, dance, music and fashion or visual arts such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation and graphic design. And being situated just off London’s Brick Lane, with fast access to both Liverpool Street and Aldgate East tube stations, we’re also very easy to reach.
While we’re regularly used as a casting and rehearsal space – we may not be in the West End, but we are very conveniently located for a number of Fringe and off-West End venues – we’ve also hosted a number of exhibitions, the occasional live art event, the London Zine Symposium and number of corporate events for clients like Red Bull and Orange.
And the Rag Factory has regularly been used as a filming location by MTV and the BBC (Newsnight and the Culture Show, in particular) and for countless music videos, short films and low-budget features.
So if you need space – whether to think, rehearse, film, work, meet, exhibit or just generally create wonderful things – with a Central London location but without the West End price tag, please browse the site, or feel free to come down and see us here in Heneage Street, just off Brick Lane.
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Performance at The Rag:




Performance @ The Rag. 'Turning Rags to Riches...'

The Rag Factory is going through some big changes over the next few months. Building refurbishments including a 'chill out' area where people can come and relax off Brick Lane and not be expected to spend stupid amounts of money, a true 'chill' space that is FREE! New bathrooms, room extensions and a new entrance are also being designed.

Alongside the building refurbs/aesthetic changes, the Rag Factory will be hosting performances from companies that have pieces that are to much of a 'risk' for other London venues to programme. At the Rag Factory we believe in developing the arts and that mean taking risks on different pieces.


We want you to put on a new work/show or performance of any kind and preview it at the Rag Factory WITHOUT THE FEAR OF LOSING MONEY! We will provide you with FREE performance space and 50% of the ticketsales!

When practitioners produce pieces of new work they are regularly confronted with brick walls preventing them from showing the work unless they tick several ‘sales’ or ‘funding’ criteria.
Venues are less likely to support new work from new artists because of the venues need to generate their revenues. Unfortunately, the current ‘make money’ ideology is strangling any real creative development as only the types of shows or performers that have a track record of ticket sales, or are rich enough to buy space from prime venues, are regularly programmed.

More people need to start making choices that support the growth of ‘everything’ instead of just money. I want to support the theatre and YOU, I want the ‘theatre arts’ to blossom, I want you to have the opportunity to take risks and create new exciting pieces without the fear of going into masses of debt because of space fees. 

I am very excited to begin programming to this regard, so thank you for choosing The Rag Factory as the venue for you to preview your piece. I can’t wait to hear more from you!

Email: rocky@ragfactory.org.uk to request a submission form.


Rocky Rodriguez, Jr.

(VP of Awesome-ness @ The Rag Factory)

Performances @ The Rag:





On The Run presents:

So It Goes

created and performed by Hannah Moss & David Ralfe

Coping with grief hasn't been easy for Hannah. In fact since her dad died, she's hardly spoken about it.
Not one to be defeated, she’s enlisted her friend David to help her on a journey through memory, laughter and sorrow, to finally come to terms with losing her dad.

Frank, funny and endlessly
inventive, So It Goes is a playful, deeply personal show by
Lecoq-trained On The Run. 

So It Goes previews at The Rag Factory before premiering at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014.

24,25,26th of July, 7.30 @ The Rag Factory £10/£8 ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk





 Aelfa Centauri Theatre Company

Two One Act Plays:

Tin Can Soldiers
& The Long Retreat from Mons

As 2014 commemorates the centenary of World War One, these two poignant one act plays enable us to hear the voice of our heroes once again. With real life characters and accounts from
recruitment to the frontline, we follow the brave hearts of Britain’s boy
soldiers. During WW1 almost 250,000 boys under 18 were enlisted. From Apple Carts
and Tin Can Soldiers, to Whizzing Bangs and Blind Trench Fever. All they ever
wanted was an adventure but when war comes there is nothing left, than to do
one’s duty. They were JUST children, JUST Boys, JUST wanting to be HEROES!


Writer & Director: Stacey Williams  

Cast: Maximillian Hooper, Jonathan Booth, Matthew Bone, Duncan Hendry & Robert Maksymowicz

August 1,2,3. 7 doors, 7.30 Start. Tickets £12.

ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk for tickets







Alluring and skilled, Les Femmes perform a spectacle of extraordinary skills and feats
fusing circus and dance with live singing and percussion. Live before your
eyes, bodies are contorted, objects manipulated and trust is the word when your
life is in someone else's hands. Fierce and full of power, this all female
circus troupe will leave you asking for more.

August 8,9,10. 7 door, 7.30 start. Tickets £12 in advance from  ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk.




What I remember and how things will be. A play by Emma Perry

One night. Twelve years in the waiting, Meredith and Tom are to meet. The weight of the past hangs heavy as they move haltingly through the evening.

What I remember and how things will be explores first love, what it teaches us and the legacy it leaves behind


Aug 15, 16, 17. 7pm door, 7.30 start. Tickets £8 in advance from ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk.




 Safe word By Fye and Foul

Written and devised by Giulio Blason and Yaron Shyldkrot.

An eerie whistle echoes in the dark. From then unfolds a stream of consciousness about pleasure, violence, ambition and a very tasty dish.
Safe Word is a series of images held in total blackout that plunges you in a sonic kaleidoscope, and blurs the lines between kindness and cruelty.

Please be aware that total blackout will be used for the majority of the performance.

Aug.22,23,24. £8/£8/£6 Door 7pm Start 7.30pm. Tickets @ ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk .



How did you know what I was going to say? I didn't.

Vox Multiply present Come On / We’re Leaving,

a play devised on the page. This is a play about people: an intersection of different
writers’ voices creating a patchwork-style composition. Using overlapping
stories, Vox Multiply explore the portability of what’s important, and play
with how we decide to ask for what we need.

Can your relationship work when you live in a sack?
Can we fit all our needs into six buckets? And, if you let it, will a play write

Aug 29, 30, 31. Door 7pm. Start 7.30pm. Tickets @ ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk £8 .



Horses In The Rain

The story of a friendship that was too close, too painful, too intimate… for one of the friends at least, until the day she just disappeared. Three years later they meet in a café, one not knowing why they split apart, the other not knowing what is pulling them back together. All of their lives are tangled up in their relationship, and all of their lives are set to spill out onto the floor that night.

A new play by David Walter Hall, featuring live music throughout with songs by Django Bates,
Jacques Brel and Son House.

Nov 7,8,9. 7.00pm Door, 7.30 Start. £10 from ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk