Hello, and welcome to the Rag Factory!

The Rag Factory was set up in early 2006 to provide affordable space for people working in the creative industries, whether performance-based, such as theatre, film, dance, music and fashion or visual arts such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation and graphic design. And being situated just off London’s Brick Lane, with fast access to both Liverpool Street and Aldgate East tube stations, we’re also very easy to reach.
While we’re regularly used as a casting and rehearsal space – we may not be in the West End, but we are very conveniently located for a number of Fringe and off-West End venues – we’ve also hosted a number of exhibitions, the occasional live art event, the London Zine Symposium and number of corporate events for clients like Red Bull and Orange.
And the Rag Factory has regularly been used as a filming location by MTV and the BBC (Newsnight and the Culture Show, in particular) and for countless music videos, short films and low-budget features.
So if you need space – whether to think, rehearse, film, work, meet, exhibit or just generally create wonderful things – with a Central London location but without the West End price tag, please browse the site, or feel free to come down and see us here in Heneage Street, just off Brick Lane.

Performances Coming Up @ The Rag:

1. Dantte's Inferno - until Feb 1st
2. Losers - until Feb 1st (scroll down for details)
3. An Awkward Excuse - Feb 6th & 7th (scroll down for details)


CRAFT Theatre Presents, ‘Dante's Inferno: A Modern Telling.’

If you think Dante's Inferno doesn't need another postmodern kooky reworking, think again. In the capable hands of Craft Theatre, Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece is intense, compelling and – crucially – a pleasure to watch. We all have our circles of hell to surmount in everyday life. 700 years on, Inferno is as relevant as ever. 18 and up only. No Late Entry.

January 8- Feb 1. £12/£10

8pm start, except Sundays 6pm start.

For Tickets (and discounts) Visit: www.craft-theatre.com



 "muscular and intense" (Time Out)

"raw, emotional performances" (Everything Theatre)

"a gut wrenching pummel to the core base, primal senses of human emotion...an        unforgettable experience that will stay with you" (Bargain Theatreland)


Presented by Tit4Twat Theatre
'Interactive theatre just got brutal.'

Deliciously desperate for a split-second in the limelight, four reality TV rejects have devised the ultimate way to show the industry what they're capable of. Competing head-to-head in their 'genuinely original' gameshow pilot, the university dropouts hope to engage your attention, stimulate your delight and win your vote. Shit may go down. Who knows? You (and your electronic voting handset) decide.
Warning: 16+, stupidity and real violence guaranteed


Hilarious, heartbreaking and irresistibly controversial, 'Losers' questions whether prime-time entertainment show contestants (and audiences) may have become victims of a larger and more brutal force. 'Losers' offers an unsettling insight into the gamified universes of our obsessive televised world, and is guaranteed to make an impact.

For more information, visit their website: http://www.tit4twat.com

To book tickets, visit http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/ragfactory
Jan 9.10.11, 16.17.18, 23.24.25, 30.31.1(Feb). Doors 7, show 7.30. £8


An Awkward Excuse
6th / 7th February. 8pm. Tickets £8

An Awkward Excuse delves into the intricacies of the everyday, finding the extraordinary within the ordinary, seeking to question the habitual routine of an individual as a thing of purpose or desire, an event of logical explanation or repetitive daily encounter.  

Do we create a routine to get us through the everyday monotony?  
Is routine created on the coincidence of similar events occurring each day? 
Or have we fashioned our behavior in order to assert ourselves on our daily activities?

Two’s A Crowd will probably not answer any of this…

Two’s A Crowd presents An Awkward Excuse

A comedy show that never got funny. 


twitter | @2sacrowdtheatre

For tickets, click here: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/event/78650

Rag_Logo_large.jpgPerformance @ The Rag.

The Rag Factory is going through some big changes over the next few months. Building refurbishments including a 'chill out' area where people can come and relax off Brick Lane and not be expected to spend stupid amounts of money, a true 'chill' space that is FREE! New bathrooms, room extensions and a new entrance are also being designed.
Alongside the building refurbs/aesthetic changes, the Rag Factory will be hosting performances from companies that have pieces that are to much of a 'risk' for other London venues to programme. At the Rag Factory we believe in developing the arts and that mean taking risks on different pieces.
We want you to put on a new work/show or performance of any kind and preview it at the Rag Factory WITHOUT THE FEAR OF LOSING MONEY! We will provide you with FREE performance space and 50% of the ticketsales!
When practitioners produce pieces of new work they are regularly confronted with brick walls preventing them from showing the work unless they tick several ‘sales’ or ‘funding’ criteria.
Venues are less likely to support new work from new artists because of the venues need to generate their revenues. Unfortunately, the current ‘make money’ ideology is strangling any real creative development as only the types of shows or performers that have a track record of ticket sales, or are rich enough to buy space from prime venues, are regularly programmed.
More people need to start making choices that support the growth of ‘everything’ instead of just money. I want to support the theatre and YOU, I want the ‘theatre arts’ to blossom, I want you to have the opportunity to take risks and create new exciting pieces without the fear of going into masses of debt because of space fees. 
I am very excited to begin programming to this regard, so thank you for choosing The Rag Factory as the venue for you to preview your piece. I can’t wait to hear more from you!
Email: rocky@ragfactory.org.uk to request a submission form.
Rocky Rodriguez, Jr.
(VP of Awesome-ness @ The Rag Factory)