Hello, and welcome to the Rag Factory!

The Rag Factory was set up in early 2006 to provide affordable space for people working in the creative industries, whether performance-based, such as theatre, film, dance, music and fashion or visual arts such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation and graphic design. And being situated just off London’s Brick Lane, with fast access to both Liverpool Street and Aldgate East tube stations, we’re also very easy to reach.

While we’re regularly used as a casting and rehearsal space – we may not be in the West End, but we are very conveniently located for a number of Fringe and off-West End venues – we’ve also hosted a number of exhibitions, the occasional live art event, the London Zine Symposium and number of corporate events for clients like Red Bull and Orange.

And the Rag Factory has regularly been used as a filming location by MTV and the BBC (Newsnight and the Culture Show, in particular) and for countless music videos, short films and low-budget features.

So if you need space – whether to think, rehearse, film, work, meet, exhibit or just generally create wonderful things – with a Central London location but without the West End price tag, please browse the site, or feel free to come down and see us here in Heneage Street, just off Brick Lane.

 Performance's at The Rag:




Performance @ The Rag.

The Rag Factory is going through some big changes over the next few months. Building refurbishments including a 'chill out' area where people can come and relax off Brick Lane and not be expected to spend stupid amounts of money, a true 'chill' space that is FREE! New bathrooms, room extensions and a new entrance are also being designed.

Alongside the building refurbs/aesthetic changes, the Rag Factory will be hosting performances from companies that have pieces that are to much of a 'risk' for other London venues to programme. At the Rag Factory we believe in developing the arts and that mean taking risks on different pieces.

Previewing Performance at the Rag. Artist Community, London Creative Development.

The current framework in which London theatre is produced through is strangling the art form from developing.

When ‘developing creatives’ produce pieces of new work they are regularly confronted with brick walls preventing them from showing the work unless they tick several ‘sales’ or ‘funding’ criteria. Venues are less likely to support new work from new artists because of the venues need to generate their revenues. Unfortunately, the current ‘make money’ ideology is strangling any real creative development as only the types of shows or performers that have a track record of ticket sales, or are rich enough to buy space from prime venues,  are regularly programmed.

We will do our best to kick start an artistic community and provide a space for that community to blossom. Visual artists, performance artists, musicians, dancers, and everyone creative will have a space to relax, mingle, collaborate and perform/show work.

Our new areas at the Rag will be ready for summer 2014, but in the meantime we have already began booking performances. Come Support! Lets start this community!


Rocky Rodriguez, Jr.

(VP of Awesome-ness @ The Rag Factory)

This Week's Performances @ The Rag:




Huntley Street Theatre Company presents ...


Set in a women's prison, Laqueum is an immersive style show which combines polyphonic singing, physical theatre and a rich montaged text from the classical canon as well as new writing.
Too long spent behind bars, the lines between fiction and fantasy, hope and despair, begin to blur. Will the radical ideas of a new prisoner provide them with the escape they dream of?
Step into the world of Laqueum where your experience will be subject to the whims of those who hold the power and those who burn with the desire for freedom.

April 11th and 12th @ 8pm, April 13th @ 7pm

For tickets: http://huntleystreet.bpt.me/

To see the trailer: https://vimeo.com/88507829




Theadora Van Der Beek Presents...

'My Death'

My Death is a one woman show about one woman trying desperately not to be alive. A dark comedy about failure, bureaucracy and death: an existential crisis told through opera, tomfoolery and conceptual dance.

April 19th. £5. ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk for tickets.



Reach Theatre Group Presents: Along the Line.

Along the Line tells the true stories of 3 couples, each at different stages in their relationships and all facing their own personal struggles. However these struggles are nothing compared to the events of one fateful commute on the morning of July 7th 2005. The lives of these three London couples collide in the most devastating of circumstances, the outcome of which changes the future for all involved.

Learn of the real life struggle of just 6 people affected by the UK's worst ever terrorism incident as Reach Theatre Group (Goldsmiths University) take you back to a day in the history of Britain which will never be forgotten.

May 2,3,4. £5 ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk for tickets.




May 9, 10. £6 ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk





The Revelations

is a new solo performance combining powerful physicality, song, word and live music.  The piece invites the audience to share a journey, in which one man evokes the realms of myth and navigates through other
worlds to find his sense of belonging. Both harrowing and celebratory, this
work articulates a contemporary mythic tale that draws on a diverse set of
inspirations from the Biblical Book of Revelation to ancient Greek myth to
Native American stories. The Revelations enacts the risks encountered when
confronting the essential questions of who we are, where we come from, and
where we go next.

Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_Z3Di-s1Y0 

May 17,18. £5 ragfactory.ticketsource.co.uk